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This is a short script for enactment of drama suitable for children around 12 yrs of age.To enact any shakespear's work a minimum of 3 hrs required.This is mainly written for children under 12 only a selected scene ,considered as climax of the play is attempted here.& may last 15 mts on the stage.The word "ok ok"should be avoided by the actors as it was not in use in shakespear's era.Most of the sentences are in first person,like the usage in shakespear.Sentences made short for the sake of children.---AUTHER.
LADIES &GENTLEMEN,,YOU ARE GOING TO WATCH A SHORT PLAY OF SHEKESPERE'S MERCHANT OF VENICE NOW BY CHILDREN.The acters are:mr x ----as antonio,etc etc.William shakespere was born on 23 april 1564,in Statford - upon-Avon in England.He wrote on all subjects of human behaviour,after keen observation of his sorroundings.All his literary works will live as long as earth is alive.To him we respectfully dedicate this drama.
(Screen openswith a thunderous sound of a heavy water splashing& there is full darkness of the stage for 5 -7 seconds.This is only symbolic.The first film of merchant of venice in french started like this.)
charecter introduction:All charecters appear one by one &introduce themselves to the spectaters.
Shakespere:I am william shakespere.I am the auther of today's drama.I have written several tragedies &comedies.This is tragic-cum-comedy.There is a murder conspiracy by shylock.It ends up in comedy with portia &Bessanio joining together.
Antonio:I am Antonio,one of the richest merchant of venice.I have plenty of ships on the seas.
Bessanio is my bosom friend.I took loan from shylock to help my friend.
Bessanio:I am a frind of Antonio.I met a beautyful &rich lady portia whom Iwant to get married.As I dont have money I requested my friend ANTONIO to help me .
Shylock:I am a jew &money lender. I hate Antonio as he has insulted me on several accasions.
I am looking for opportunity to wreak vengence.
Portia:I am the daughter of a rich man from Venice.I am in love with Bessanio.I am going in diguise as a lawyer.I will argue in shylock's case in favour of Antonio.
Duke:Shylock's case is heared in my court.Iwill hear the arguements from both sides & give my judgement.

S C E N E -2
Bessanio: Oh Antonio, my bosom friend.I need your help.
Antonio:Oh! my friend tell me what can I do for you?
Bessanio:I love Portia,a rich &beautiful lady.I want to marry I need money from you.
Antonio:Dont worry.I will help you.I have no money now. so I will borrow money from Shylock
on loan.

S C E N E--3. S h y l o c k ' s Place.
Shylock:Oh! Antonio,Oh! Bessanio,What do you want?
Antonio: I need money.3000 Ducats.
Shylock:I GIVE MONEY FOR INTEREST.But in your case,I will not take any interest.I write in the bond one pound of flesh from a part of your body nearest to your heart, just for fun, in case you dont return the money in 3 months.
Bessanio:Antonio,Dont sign.dont take the risk.
Antonio: Dont you worry.MY SHIPS WILL RETURN NEXT MONTH.We can return the money.

S C E N E --4

Plaintiff :shylock.
Defendant's lawyer: Portia.

DUKE : Tell me shylock.what is your case?
Shylock: ThyGrace.Now 3 months over since I gave money to Antonio.Since the time is expired ,he should give me a pound of flesh,as per bond,signed by Antonio.+3000 ducats.
Duke: Antonio what do you say?
Antonio:. My lawyer will speak for me.
Portia:(she bows &starts spreaking)
MY LORD Shylock is keen about a pound of flesh.(stops) Let him have it.Have you brought the knife Shylock?
Shylock;Yes I have.
Portia:You cut the flesh from the nearest part to the chest.Not more.Not less.
Shylock: That is not mentioned in the bond.
Portia:In that case there should be no blood shed,because it is also not mentioned in the bond.
MY LORD,is it possible to take flesh without blood shed?I dont want my cliant to loose even a single drop of blood.Shylock has conspired to murder Antonio,as one can not cut flesh without a bllod shed.
Duke;Now it is judgement time.
clerk:Silence ..Silence.
Duke:As the conspirasy is obvious Shylock has planned to murder Antonio.
Shylock, I ORDER YOU to apologise.You should give half of your fortune to the government & half to Anonio as punishment.
(Shylock walks of in shame.Antonio,Bessanio,&portia in gay mood.)


Idalina S. Samuel said...

Portia is won by Bassanio after he chooses the casket, remember the 3 caskets her father keep for her groom, I dont think she was in love with Bassanio from the beginning!

Also Portia goes in disguise as a lawyer to fight the case for Antonio.

deekshitha deetu said...

yeah portia goes in disguise with nerissa which they haven't mentioned

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Nice play

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This is interesting but they should also put a video to make it more interisting for kids.

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This site sucks

Anh Thu said...

I rate this site 3 out of 5

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